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a lot has happened in the last year: Prime Inventions GmbH moved into a new, state-of-the-art administration building with a spacious showroom and training rooms.

The product training is now always tailored to the level of knowledge of each customer. There is also capacity for a seminars of a sales team up to 18 people in a large friendly training room. Trainings especially for Carbonit standard products are also held at Carbonit in the City Salzwedel and includes a very recommendable factory tour.

The Prime Inventions warehouse was recently renovated and have been equipped with a specially customized ERP software system. In 2017, three new employees were hired, including family trainee Luis Belchhaus, who has grown up in the company since childhood.

What‘s new in terms of products?
Our new water whirling system with the Aquawhirler balls has been registered for international patent. By using the Aquawhirler balls, the Aqua-whirler AW Mega 9000 was developed. The AW Mega can be used for whole buildings, industry and agriculture and comes with a housings made of V4A stainless steel.

The two faucets F16 and F18 have been improved and revised and are now available replacing the old models F26 and F28.

The using areas for the AquaAvanti inline filter system have been significantly expanded. Especially for campers / caravans, a new variant is available which includes a connection set for installation in motorhomes. The same system is also suitable for houseboats and yachts.

In the field of adapters, as a new business partner DM Fittinge was added from its program we can offer you high-quality and reliable connection solutions. The range of table filters has been extended with three new filter housings: AA Single, OnTop and AA Double a long-awaited two-way tabletop system.

In the field of domestic water filtration, we have addressed the important issue of nitrate and now offer the combination system NH-1, which softens the water and at the same time removes nitrate. Also there is the new solution AquaAvanti IronGo for the iron removal of well water.

Prime Inventions develops and distributes worldwide innovative products around the theme of clean water. The products are known worldwide under our own registered trademarks Aquawhirler, Kalko Innova, AquaAvanti and YaraOvi. In addition, Prime Inventions delivers numerous „private labels“ and also exclusively-developed products to known enterprises from the water technology industry. German workmanship should secure jobs and give to Prime Inventions customers a high degree of security. Purchased commercial products are combined or are improved with our own products. Distribution channels are worldwide: importers, distributors, wholesalers, mail order business and the professional retail trade. The management has more than 25 years of experience in water technology. In particular for the specialized trade, Prime Inventions offers product training and seminars. For this purpose, two well equipped training rooms are available. The most important products are installed there and can be seen functioning


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