Water storage

For some years now, water in plastic PET bottles has been becoming more and more common worldwide. In the case of a natural catastrophe or during air travel etc., the availability of these bottles is very advantageous to the user. However, when using these bottles constantly at home, the damage to the environment as well as the high costs should be taken into account. The average bottle of water sold in a plastic bottle costs many times more than water which is filtered at home. As normal plastic water bottles, mostly made out of PET, can also contain emollients within the plastic, you should seriously consider whether you want to use them in the long term.

The environmental effects are also considerable. At the moment, many millions of tonnes of PET plastic are needed to meet the demand for bottled water worldwide. The amount of energy required to manufacture these bottles is equivalent to over 100 million barrels of crude oil. The CO2 pollution is also enormous. According to estimates, over 16 million tonnes of CO2 are created because of plastic bottles.

The waste bottles then end up in seas and other bodies of water and endanger the health of fish and sea birds. When we furthermore take into account the transport of the bottles as well as refrigeration and recycling, the amount of energy used is enormous.

With the filter cartridges in this catalogue you can filter up to 10,000 litres of clean, good-tasting water at home. Think about it.

For storing your water at home we recommend the purple glass bottles. For travelling we recommend the Aqua Propyletta water bottles which are long-lasting and emollient free.

Yara Ovi

Prime Inventions has come up with the perfect idea similar to an egg shaped enclosed carafe with a perfect matching glass.

Aqua Tritaletta

The bottle is made from Tritan co polyester. This plastic (Triphenylmethane) is tasteless and odorless.


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