F28 Triple

3-way stainless steel design-faucet

WS-7 water design faucet

Shapely 3-way tap for cold, warm and filtered water

WS-6 water faucet

Exclusive 3-way tap for cold, warm and filtered water

Leak detector Mini LCM

It protects valuable assets of the consumer by blocking the supply of water without additional force upon the leakage within the water treatment product or water filtration.

F29 Tina

Stainless steel design-faucet

WS-8 Water faucet

An elegant and an affordable faucet

F-19 Nena

Design filter water faucet F-19


Small and compact faucet for your kitchen, made of stainless steel.


F-16 Stainless steel faucet is ideal for the modern kitchen or even for the stylish bathroom. The faucet can easily be mounted on to thick Marble worktops because of the 8 cm connection pipe.


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