Soft water in the whole house

The Delfin water softener is a parallel system, i.e. two identical softening columns take over the water supply. The two softening columns are regenerated in succession, with one softening column always available during the regeneration. The intelligent automatic system ensures that not a bit of salt is wasted and the regeneration only takes place when it is necessary and not before. In this way, the entire system is automatically disinfected every time.

  • DVGW certified, fulfils all Directives
  • Very low, environmentally-friendly salt consumption per regeneration
  • Integrated backflow preventer in accordance with DIN 1988
  • Installation without reinforced tubes
  • Consumption-based, water-saving regeneration
  • Two separated descaling systems/softening columns
  • The regeneration takes place with already softened water
  • Automatic disinfection
  • Quick installation through height-adjustable control head
  • Little space required due to compact design
  • Very easy operation using a logical display
  • German production by ISO-certified company
  • Nationwide customer service through numerous specialist companies
  • Protects against lime infarct of the lines and devices
  • Saves energy
  • Soft water comfort round-the-clock
  • Automatic control
  • Proven procedure

Installation data     Delfin
Installation length A mm 195
Device width B mm 390
Height above pipe middle C mm 120
Minimum height of water softening systems to the pipeline D mm 870
Depth of water softening systems to the pipeline E mm 370
Height of safety overflow F mm 370

Technical data   Delfin
Nominal flow rate - DIN 19636 m³/h 1,5
Pipe connection Zoll 1
Nominal pressure PN 10
Pressure loss with nominal flow rate bar 0,9
Working pressure min. / max. bar 2-7
Regeneration salt consumption per m³ at intersection from 20°dH to 8°dH g 450
continuous output at intersection from 20°dH to 8°dH l/h 570
rinse water per m³ at intersection from 20°dH to 8°dH l 35
nominal capacity mol 1,3
Capacity per kg regeneration salt Maximum filling of mol 4,8
salt storage container with tablet salt kg 40
Electrical connection V/Hz 230/50
Operating weight when filled with salt kg ca. 90
Dispatch weight kg 25

Do you know that?

Lime deposits as a stubborn crystal in pipes or all household appliances that deal with warm water. In the long term, this can lead to narrowing of the water pipes, burnt out heating coils of washing machines and dishwashers, defective water heaters or leaky boilers, often a rather costly thing.

DVGW certification

DVGW German Gas and Water Industry Association stands for technical autonomy in the gas field and water industries. Its technical set of rules is the basis for safety and reliability in the German gas and water supply. DVGW certification is reliable proof of compliance with the accepted engineering standards. The Delfin softening system is DVGW certified. Not many devices have this certificate, and with it the Delfin even has the approval for rental or professional use.

New installation technology

The system can be connected horizontally or vertically directly to the pipeline, according to what is needed. For this purpose the softener head and connection flange are height adjustable. Using flexible connection hoses is thereby eliminated. The system can be easily disconnected from the mains supply by a deliverable bypass block (e.g. during prolonged holidays). The control head (control panel display) is freely movable and adjustable in height by approx. 40 cm, which makes the assembly even more convenient. Because the desired hardness is simply set in the device, no separate blending valve is necessary.

The Delfin is the only softener known to us that is adjustable in its connection height.


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